A great hero said to be very benevolent


He loves to be in the spotlight, but also likes tto share it. He is venerated greatly, but is always down to earth about it. He is always fair about everything he does. Only when one is severely wrong is he ever mad. He is by no means a coward, but he knows his limits. On the flip side, he can sometimes be overconfident in his abilities and size. He also rarely fights fairly, but because of this Drake rarely has to fight anyone with effort. Although he may start a fight, he usually doesn't finish it alone, preferring to bring his brother and sister for backup. When all else fails, he switches to underhanded and flat-out cheap shots. Overall, however, he is a fair hero and will usually set the right foot forward.


He resembles [1] very much. Differences include orange skin, white hair, and blue eyes. He stands at 6 feet, and weighs 202 poinds.

Status in WikiaEdit

He is currently a simple user, but is a candidate for sysop.